About US
Testimony of treasures in both Iranian and International museums proves that Gold and Jewelry industry had been developed by our ancestors for millennia at its best and highest levels, which is a result of efforts and commitments of predecessor to perfection and fashion.
Thus, we take upon ourselves to continue what they had started and left for us and bring those glorious days back once again.
In 1974, in a small Gold & Jewelry workshop in Isfahan the company was born with a vision of innovation & self-belief to work its way up in Iranian Gold & Jewelry industry.
After 1987 despite descending trend of Iran’s Gold & Jewelry industry caused by over-consumption of foreign currencies and import of foreign Gold & Jewelry goods, with massive effort this Company continued to grow to the point that was recognized as best and the most experienced gold producer capable of producing gold with standard carats.
Hand in hand with development in the industry, we accomplished to introduce and produce an Iranian Brand in Gold & Jewelry industry named “Midas” to meet both local and International customer’s perfectionist tastes.
Due to customer focused algorithm of work ”Midas”, as of first and only gold and jewelry brand, successfully acquired “Consumer protection Certificate-2012”, from consumers &producers protection organization of Iran.