Midas History
(Greek-Roman Myth)- Midas was the king of the Mygdonians of Phrygia (ancient region in southwestern Asia Minor (in the area of present-day Turkey). Midas possesses the mystical ability to turn anything that he touches into gold. He is also extremely long-lived, having survived for over 2700 years.

He supposedly founded the city of Ancyra (Modern Ankara) and discovered both black and white lead, but became obsessed with gold. As the god Dionysus (ancient Greek god of wine and fertility) walked east to India, his companion Silenius, a satyr, walked into King Midas gardens and fell asleep there. Peasants later discovered him. They caught him and turned him over to Midas, but Midas treated the harmless old satyr graciously and hospitably. Dionysus rewarded Midas for his kindness with any gift he desired as Midas rashly asked for the gift of turning all he touched into gold. Dionysus reluctantly complied even as he realized the recklessness of the wish. As Dionysus departed, Midas began enjoying his gift and established Dionysus as a patron god in gratitude. As he transformed all he owned to gold, he also realized he could not eat or drink anything because his food and drink turned to gold. After his daughter turned to gold by accident, he began begging Dionysus to take back his gift. Dionysus responded it was not in his nature to take back gifts, but that Midas could wash off the golden touch in the nearby Pactolus River to be rid of it. After that, the sand in the river turned to gold.